You Already Know

He stares at the sky
he's wondering why
why did you show her to me?
cause if she exists
How can I resist?
or live life not knowing what could be?
and if she knows my name
and she wants the same
why do you stop our destiny?

if everything has its place
Mine would be her embrace
and hers would be with me
He asks if she knows?
and how far will they go
and he asks if she believes
why it gets stronger each day
why he cant turn away
he asks if she's his destiny?

He kneels and he prays
please show me the way
show me the way to her heart
to have and to hold
to live stories untold
show her thats she's not too far
for she holds the key
to all I could be
I'd do for her just the same
now I know she exists
how can I resist?
How  Can I stay away?

God says with a smile
you've known all the while just never knew her name