Asphalt Nights

NIght is calling Woh oh oh,  its time to leave again
Rain is falling Woh Oh oh, It seems it will never end

Wheels are turning, Woh oh oh , Across the miles tonite
Eyes are burning Woh oh oh,  sleep is getting hard to fight
Hear You calling Woh oh oh, but youre still miles away
Shadows crawling Woh oh oh, Trying to lead me astray

I just want to close my eyes
and be back home with you in Paradise

Im seeing things that just arent there
shadows chase me everywhere
Im fighting the heaviness in my eyes
Im all alone under these darkened skies
Ive been cursed and sacrificed
Miles Away.....
Asphalt Nights


My eyes are fading, my body's Shaking
I need to see your light
Dont let me fall asleep tonite
Burning the candle at both ens
all just trying to get home again
its miles Paradise
its miles of...... asphalt nights

Wheels are turning Woh oh Oh,  Im almost home again