the night is calling cant wait to close my eyes
youre in my dreams an angel in disguise
 You're always waiting,  to tell me it's alright
you stay with me all through the night

and baby you'll never know
just what you are to me

you are the wind
you are the rain
you are the voice
that calls my name
you are the dark
you are the light
you always get me
through the night
You are the fire
you are the flame
you always take
away the pain
you are the clouds 
you are the sun
if you were real
you'd be the one

but baby you're just a ghost

I know you're watching,  youre always watching over me
I close my eyes, I know thats where you'll be
and now I'm waiting ,  I wish this day would end 
I close my eyes, to be with you again

cause  baby I need you now
more than you'll ever know

Its time to close my eyes
cuz baby I need you now