Say Goodbye

Sometimes Id like to give up
but you know thats not my style
but Id like to run away for awhile
If Only I could disappear
but Ive got nowhere to go
but I've got this song on the radio
just give me a minute or two
to get lost in this song
I'm just gonna close my eyes
and I'll be gone

( Say Goodbye )
the melodys got me now
( Say Goodbye )
I escaped somehow
and Im not comin back for a while

The notes are like the wind
calling out to me
I close my eyes and listen they set me free
Forget about your problems
Take a trip with me
Let yourself fall into the melody
Just take a minute or two
we'll go for a ride
we'll tell the whole world to say goodbye

( chorus )

So Baby take my hand
it's time to say goodbye

( solo )
( Chorus )

Say Goodbye
Say Goodbye
Im not coming back for awhile

words and Music by Ritchie Bernard
2009 copyright Ritchie Bernard