Rainbow in Hell

I cant sleep at night
the darkness is bright
Im alone with myself

the dark leaves me blind
alone with my mind
I am living in hell

The tears sting my eyes
I feel paralyzed
and everyday is the same

Dont know who I am
I know I am damned
No one knows my name

I Dont know why you cursed me
but Im gonna break your spell
Never found my pot of gold
there's no Rainbow in Hell
I think there's something better
but sometimes it's hard to tell
There are no Rainbows in Hell

The reasons unclear
why am I here
there's nothing here to see

the wall is too high
my favorite lie
Ive always had the key

I stare at the wall
its too far to fall
just a small price to pay

you live and you learn
and the bridges I burn
They will light the way...........