Never Letting Go


Never felt this before

I'll never feel it again

That's why I can't let go

There's somethin about you

I don't know what it is

I don't think I'll ever know 


you got inside me

you got inside me

you are inside of me


And I'll try

I'm keeping you forever

Close by my side

I'm never letting go

And I'll cry

To you I will surrender

You'll be my bride

I'm never letting go

And when I feel all hope is lost

And I think I can't go on

I just want to be .....

in your arms where I belong

I may not believe in much

But I believe in us

I know we will make it

I Only need your touch

that  I'll try..... chorus



And baby you know it too

I'm never letting go of you.....




lyrics by Ritchie Bernard

copyright 2017