Jacked Up Homeless Girl

I Saw you there, out on the street
Thought you were someone, Id like to meet
those crazy eyes, that crazy hair
I could nt help ,but stop and stare
that cardboard box that you call home
it turned me on like you'll never know
I dont know why, they think you're strange
I'd give you all, of MY spare change

You shook my stormy little world    ( you know you're gonna be my)
Jacked Up Homeless Girl
Is Your hair supposed to be that curled??? ( Ill comb it for you)
Jacked Up Homeless Girl

Im not special, Im just a guy
Ill Brush your Hair, and make you mine
I see that sparkle thats in your eye
Oh Wait Im sorry , thats just a fly
you look like you have had enough
Ill Take you home and scrub you up
Throw your things into your shopping cart
Ghost with me,  you stole my heart

                 (OK this is how it all started)
bridge     Found you back by the dumpster just gnawing on some food
                  Cant tell you how much I was turned on standing there watching you chew
                 you shared with me half a sandwich you found there in a shoe
                  Oh Homeless Girl
                   Im in love with you...................
solo     SPOKEN:   oh homeless girl, 
                                 when I first saw you at the dumpster, I knew it
                                  I had to have you
                                  I Had to make you mine

you're standing there all jacked up and tough
Tired of eating from dumpsters and stuff
Ill Take you home and I'll scrub  you up
even jacked up homeless girls need love

you shook my stormy little world,  (you know you're gonna be my )
Jacked Up Homeless Girl
Is your hair supposed to be that curled  ( I'll straigten it for ya )
Jacked Up Homeless Girl
Jacked up homeless girl
jacked up homeless girl
Jacked up Homeless girl