its not fair

Its Not Fair

its not fair, its not right

its not fair, that you're not here tonight

its not fair, you're so far away

it's not fair, alone another day

it's not fair, its not right

it's not fair, I cant hold you tonight

do you even Know  its you I think about

do you even know Im going down that route

          cause you've been in my dreams, I dont know what to do

          I dont know what it means, I dont have a clue

          you've been in my dreams, I just know that its true

          I have so many questions, but it all leads to you
          its not fair,   its not fair

its not fair, another night alone

its not fair, now that the truth is known

it's not fair,  that you stole my heart

it's not fair, I wanna be where you are

do you even know,  Im so lost in you

do you even know , you could get lost in me too

           cause you've been in my dreams,  at night I speak to you

          I just dont want to wake up, but theres nothing I can do

its not fair,   it's not fair
          its not fair,  its not fair