I Dont Mind The Rain

The World is yours thats what they say
well what would i do with it anyway
Im not wasting time  chasing dreams
because I know  that nothings as it seems

Fate is cruel i've played the fool
I lived my life by the golden rule
I've sacrificed ive paid my dues
I've played the game I always lose   but i can take the pain

and I don't mind the rain
I dont Mind the rain

If There's a chance that life is fair
well i havent seen it anywhere
work all your life but dont get far
but now I know  thats just the way things are
I Once believed in destiny
but now I know it's just a dream
I'll hold my breath but no one cares
I'm standing here but no one even cares to ask my name

but I dont mind the rain
I dont mind the rain

They Can try to knock me down
but I like it here on the ground
I dont have to lie about who i am
because I know  I know just where I stand
They can all point and laugh
well they should take a photograph
if Im not right in their eyes
I wont ever apologize and I wont take the blame

and I dont mind the rain

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