Hopin On You

I didnt expect to meet you
Now I can't turn away
but baby there's all kinds of time
that's what you always say
I cant stop thinking about you
it's hard to sleep at night
and Im dreaming of the day
when you and I are right

And all my dreams of angels came true when i met you
I didn't know they existed but now I know it's true
I hope that you dont fly away cuz i dont know what I'd do
i'm hoping on you

The timing wasnt perfect but everything feels right
and though we have tomorrow i wish you were here tonight
I'm only just a call away if you could ever trust in me
and I'll be here waiting for the day that you believe

I don't know how to say it  words they are so few
but when I dream of angels you know Im dreaming of you
i hope that you dont fly away and baby thats the truth
im hoping on you
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