Haunted Dreams

I Know I"ll dream about you
that's why I'm afraid to sleep
I know that I can't have you
I know that you're out of reach

I know that I can't touch you
I know that you don't exist
that's why I cant let myself
drift into unconsciousness

you've got everything I want
you've got everything I need
but you're not , something I can hold
but you're real enough for me

I'll see you tonite cuz I know just where you'll be
I'll turn out the light and I know you'll haunt my dreams
I'll close my eyes tight and I know you're with me
I'll shut out the night and join you in my haunted dreams

I wake up in a cold sweat
cuz an angel seemed so real
I hate when I wake up dreaming
and I don't know what to feel


Morning it comes too soon
I'm not done with you   Oh Oh