Goodbye Again

I'm not worried about what people say

It doesn't make me that wary

If you believe everything you hear

I find that much more scary

Cause if it's out there somewhere

You know it must be true

If you believe everything you hear

Then I feel sorry for you

I guess it's

Goodbye again, I won't see you later

Goodbye again

Goodbye again, I won't drop you a line

Goodbye again, I won't be back soon

Goodbye again

Goodbye again, I'm walking away this time

You don't care much for the truth

You make it up as you go

You never even gave me chance

There's so much you'll never know

What's the use in trying

There's no getting through to you

You'll believe what you wanna believe

I'm not gonna beg for you


I guess it's goodbye again

I won't see you later, goodbye again

Goodbye again

I wont drop you a line

It's goodbye again

I won't be here waiting, goodbye again

It's goodbye again

You're leaving this time



You think it's a lie, you think it's all fake

Saying goodbye was your biggest mistake

You believe everything you've been told

Your accusations are just getting old

You pushed me away and that's ok

I'm really good at walking away

Just one more thing before I go

You're wrong this time,

just want you to know



2nd chorus

She said Goodbye again 

Goodbye again

She said goodbye again

Goodbye again

Goodbye again

Goodbye again

Goodbye again