Against the Tide


I wanted so much

To believe in us

But you always kept me

At a distance

And now I can see 

It wasn't meant to be

You always put up

A resistance

There were so many things

That we could've done

But we just let them. Slip

On by us


I loved you so much

you were the one

I guess the universe

would deny "us"

What do I have to do

How can I get to you

I want to get off of this ride

it's like rowing against the tide

So many promises that

we both made

Forever with

No beginning 

I wanted it all and like

Never before

I never end

Up winning

What do I have to do

How can I get to you

 I Just wanna run and hide

instead of  rowing against the tide


Im not gonna chase what I cant catch

I wont move mountains just to see the sun

Im not gonna play the game all by myself

cause baby you're not the one

I'm  not gonna run if Im running in place

Not Gonna dream while Im awake

I'm not jumping in the water it's much too deep

Not gonna drown in your lake

I'm not gonna beg for what I cant have

I guess our story will go untold

I'm not gonna try to walk through the fire

cause I'll get burnt by the coals

Im not gonna get down on my knees

Im not gonna beg you to stay

Im just gonna stand here with a tear in my eye

and watch you run away


Run away.......


and what do I have to do

Ive got nothing left to lose

I cant save a love thats died

it's like rowing against the tide

it's like rowing against the tide

it's like rowing....... rowing against the tide